Lumenera Microscope cameras

Looking for an imaging solution for your microscope?

Whether you are shopping for the best price-to-performance microscope camera to include with your new microscope setup, or you are looking to retrofit and older microscope to make it useful again, there is just the right INFINITY microscope camera to meet your needs.

Using the latest in advanced sensor technology, INFINITY microscope cameras address the needs of fluorescence imaging, as well as produce vivid color images for use in education and lab settings. The INFINITY microscope camera body provides a heat-dissipating design that reduces noise without the need for costly fans or cooling systems, and INFINITY microscope cameras are compatible with most c-mount microscopes.

Powerful Microscopy Software: INFINITY ANALYZE

All INFINITY microscope cameras include a license for INFINITY ANALYZE, Teledyne Lumenera‚Äôs powerful microscopy software (PC or Mac) for both bright field and fluorescence imaging, image stitching, measurements, annotation, time lapse, video clips, post-processing functions, and more.

INFINITY3-3URC - Color camera

INFINITY3-3URC - Color camera

The INFINITY3-3UR scientific digital camera features a Sony ICX674 CCD sensor, offers 53 fps at full..

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